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Look at the Other - Performative installation - sept 2017 -Eye and Face tracking, Mask, Projection Mapping

Like puppets, masks are inanimate objects brought to life by the performer and the audience. Similarly, this artwork is not complete without the visitor. In addition to the playfulness, this installation explores the therapeutic and introspective qualities of masks. I am here with the mask hiding half of my face, we are both waiting for the visitor to come. The visitor sits in front of the mask. The mask finds the visitor with its outside eye and checks my gaze with its inner eye. I offer my gaze to the visitor, I do not know what he/she is seeing on the mask, the visitor gives me his wonders. Responding to my gaze, the mask is either reflecting the visitor's face or only an abstraction of it , made of outlines or meshes. The visitor watches his different faces projected into the mask and at the same time my half face, he is fully aware about what is real, what is virtual, we play hide and seek. When the visitor leaves, he takes the memory of the encounter with me and the mask. My eye is projected on a screen for the audience to share the experience of being watched while witnessing the encounter.

Users Feedback :
" I found the concept of Sabrina's work fascinating!but most of all...the actual device produced by her!
sitting in front of the half-mask and her camera you become truly challenged!
you are forced in a way to face your "false " self...the one imposed by the hidden inner belief system we carry....the images of who we are imposed on us through society...our close family...society...nation...humanity in general....!
this process...i discoverd enables one to in touch with the more genuine...true self of the individual...which is often well hidden within the deeper parts of the soul!!
very courageous and innovative happy to have experienced it a playful manner!! takes all fear away!!
thank you Sabrina!!! "

Audio Feedback :

Prof A.Tanaka
A.Cartwright L.Dekker M.Khattak Mehrbano
A.Scholl G.Warings